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As far as youtube....the Finch material is simlar quality to his Gnomon courses and actually goes into far greater detail than the gnomon courses....speaking firsthand, I have those gnomon courses... which is why I mentioned youtube in the first place. Finch, Proko, New Masters Academy, Watts Attelier...they have great stuff on YouTube and even more content through their courses. Way more useful and practical than the specialized courses Gnomon offers.

Anyway, at the end of the day all that matters is the portfolio, education credentials not so much unless you're looking to teach. Ive been making a living drawing character/creature designs for tabletop minis for the last 12 years as well as comic cover work (idw,valiant) and not once have I ever been asked about my education, diploma or if I learned from a video.

And yes, I absolutely believe someone can learn from a free youtube video just as effectively as a high priced course.
To quote Gene Hackman in Superman: "Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe."
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