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Originally Posted by 12013 View Post
this is basically what I was thinking would work. the only think I was hoping we could figure out was SOME kind of thru line that connected the portal for Hellboy. its not needed this idea by SCRIBBLY would totally work on its own.
but if there was some kind of "connective tissue"..i keep going back to the Heavy Metal movie, where that glowy whatever thing showed up in every story. something that connected them all. if anyone has a good idea, I think it would be fun to see if we can fit that into the project.

but beyond that, I think this idea that SCRIBBLY just described is the way to go.

Personally, I think we should definitely consider going with Scribbly’s idea. I’d be on board if we’re working like that. As for connecting these stories, my two cents on the matter is to maybe treat this mash-up of the public domain characters as one continuing scenerio. Think one big giant battle with many different viewpoints going on at once. For example, one character can be in the center of it all while another will be on the sidelines. So one team or individual can be working on one part while another will tell the other. They could even begin to connect to one another. The only real problem I could see with this would be that there will have to be a lot of careful planning and collaboration involved so it’s just an idea for now.
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