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12013 will become famous soon enough12013 will become famous soon enough

so the story continues...

at the end of the last issue, the xmen were transported to a jungle where they were attacked by weird techno spheres that ending up forming into a giant man they had to fight after it ate cyclops. but hes okay.

theres a sentence I never thought id write. ended with the xmen standing around wondering what was to come next. magneto watched on while talking with a SKRULL..and then him preparing his evil minions to attack the xmen.

and it all starts back up here (after the awesome GRENDEL prelude above)

duane korsland kicks us off in style..

and then the fight kicked into overdrive with this BADass double page spread by "NAMS". this thing looks amazing and you can tell he put in serious effort

and this our very own SEVANS. I love this fun art style of his.
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