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Originally Posted by paul brian deberry View Post
creators like myself who are way more sporadic go with the content as it happens thing.
Understood. Here's the issue, for me - what if a creator decides to create multiple content updates, within a month? The supporters' cards would get charged multiple times, right?

Is there a way for supporters to limit to a maximum number of pay outs in support, within a given period of time, such as on a per month basis?

Also, can a creator change the terms of their update schemes? If so, other than canceling one's status as a supporter, what mechanisms or controls are in place to preclude creators from fleecing supporters, if they wanted to?

I grasp that it isn't in the long term interest of an artist or other creator to fleece anyone, either money-wise or in terms of simply growing a following.

But, taking Murphy's Law into account, shouldn't supporters or potential supporters weigh such questions and prospects?

Additionally, since I favor more of a one-time or on an as-desired approach to supporting creators, rather than a locked-in approach, what are your thoughts, Paul, on supporters who pledge to support, and then cancel after a month or two? On the one hand, creators are likely thankful for any degree of support. On the other hand, it seems to me that this approach could generate regret. I really don't understand why they don't simply offer an option to do a straight forward one time pledge, and maybe even include a reminder of some kind, asking if the supporter would like to renew their pledge for the next month - or, increase or decrease it.

I know that supporters can always simply change their level of pledge, at any time. But, people being people, they tend to get busy, and simply forget about things charged on a monthly basis. It's one of the reasons that I don't take advantage of a lot of different offers that I encounter. Patreon's approach reminds me of that. It generates a sense of hesitancy within me to participate.
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