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Originally Posted by jeffchris50 View Post
I would love to participate in a writing capacity of some sort, if possible.

I think that would be great. never did we have anyone interested in a writing part.

so..depending on how this whole thing shakes out, we could use scripting help to put words in the mouths of the characters, case scenario we could find a letterer to actually put the words on the pages, otherwise, having a writer put thought into good actual scripts kinda goes wasted if it cant be read on the final product.

which is why I suggested making the book a silent book, cause the chance of getting a letterer seems slim to none.
maybe if we nail down specifics, if we come up with a plot idea, you can write the script in some or all of the thing to hand out to artists.

we will have to figure out how it will work... but love to see someone interested in writing help in some way.

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