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Originally Posted by Scribbly View Post
Ok. Hellboy already exist. What powers the new guy should have? Let start from there.
I'm just not..interested in doing FOJ for this. BUT if I'm out voted, I can go along with the group.

as far as the new guy theory...

I threw out an idea of a universe jumping guy. kinda like quantam leap. sorta...

time traveler/universe traveler investigating... eliminating...something..? time/universe jumpers? like JCVD in Time-cop.

MAYBE...hes a ROBOT. Robocop hunting down whatever monsters/criminals/bad guys. runs into hellboy?

or a human traveler. super human? regular dude? if hes regular dude, what can he do that makes him special? powers? gadgets? shapeshifter??? that would lend him to being able to take many forms for many different situations.

what is hes an OLD the enforcer guy Mike Ehrmantraut from breaking bad/better call saul. heres this small unassuming old guy that knows Everything and is afraid of nothing, but looks like nothing. BUT, he can do... what? shapeshifter? become big strong metal guy? become hot girl? become lizard monster? whatever he needs to do...

I'm just spitballin ideas here. thoughts anyone?
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