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Originally Posted by Steven Forbes View Post
To be honest, I have always thought that there is an ongoing series in Hotel California by The Eagles.

The song itself can be scenes to draw, and the place itself can be like a horror version of Fantasy Island. (Did I just date myself?)

hmm... I never ever really listened to the lyrics to that song. its not a favorite of mine but its not bad by any means. BUT, based on what you said I just went and looked up the lyrics for the first time ever and I can TOTALLY see what you mean. that's really interesting actually.

the only time I thought about doing something like this was from on old Marty Robbins song, "el paso". a western song about a guy that gets in a bar fight and kills a guy but then has to flee the town to avoid the revenge the killed guys pals plan to inflict on the main hero of the story. he also has to leave behind the woman he loves. but as time passes, he just cant stand to be away from her and as he returns to see her once again, somehow all the bad guys know hes coming and chase him down as he approaches town. in the ensuing chase he is shot and makes it to her door(or whatever) and dies in her arms, getting to see her one last time.

I always wanted to take that story and make it into a future sci fi setting story, kinda like star wars..hover bikes instead of horses. aliens instead of cowboys. stuff like that. its the only time I ever thought about visually translating a song. I still kinda want to do that. not that that many people know who marty robbins is.

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