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A close up of the bubbling surface as we see an old, ugly woman emerging from the water. She is wearing an old, tattered cloak. Her wet hair is long a clumpy, which barely covers her wart-ridden face with its long nose and asymmetrical cheeks. Like a cliché Halloween witch. (This isn’t the best visual. Not the best explanation. Ryan? It looks like you’re up early. I have two different visions of this: Excalibur’s Lady of the Lake where the woman stayed submerged but she was able to stick her hands out of the water to give/retrieve the sword, and someone rising/descending vertically. I don’t want you to draw them both. I want you to draw what you think is best, based on what’s given.)
Can it be that time is here already? Here is this week's panel, one last time.

The trickiest thing with this panel description is that it calls for a close up, but what is being described sounds more like a medium shot...with the face, cloak, and bubbles. I opted to go with a best of both worlds approach, using a medium shot to be sure to include all the detail asked for, but kept it as a tight shot to make it feel like a close up of the character.

Reading the description, the visual I got was the rising vertically one. Even after reading the edits with the different suggestions for approaching it, I decided to keep it the way I initially pictured it. Looking at the script, I felt that this was the best option for the story. If the woman was submerged, she would have to slightly distorted to show she is under the water. By having her already out of the water we get a clear visual of the character and no risk of reader confusion. Is it likely that that would happen? I dunno. But I do know that clear story telling is always a better option, so that route I shall take!

Also, I like how having her out of the water helps the story come full circle to how it ends, with the people entering the water.

That's all I have for this week. A short and simple one to end on. Fun stuff, Frank, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work and picking up Modern Testament #2 soon! No sleep for you. Back to work making more stories!
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