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I think its a no brained to be honest. If you want to go the print route you're going to have to either get picked up by a publisher, which is a minefield.

Quality content will rise to the top, but it is back breaking just to get it noticed at all. Smaller publishers will be much more eager to sign you up, but their distribution capabilities will be orders of magnitude lower.

There's print on demand, but you'll be pretty much on your own in the same way as digital, except the product won't be immediately in your readers hands when they buy it, and the actual physical quality is highly variable.

Digital on the other hand will get your book out there, with consistent quality, and straight into peoples hands when they buy it. The audience can be anywhere without barriers to access. All they need is internet connection.

Comixology is just one digital outlet, and eventually there will be others. There's already Drive Thru, Darkhorse and a couple of others outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

Eventually, it'll be a lot easier to actually distribute it totally on your own. The tools exist, they just don't get the word out. Making your own PDF or CBZ files is pretty simple, hosting content and setting up a web store is pretty simple.

The biggest barrier for creators is, as its always been in publishing, the walled garden around publishers, distributors and retailers. They run a cartel, but its changing and for all its numerous faults, companies like Amazon are at the very forefront of that change. They operate as publisher, distributor AND retailer. Its not great, but people are twitchy and they like to spend their money that at least LOOKS trustworthy.
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