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Originally Posted by Scribbly

Blame them, and not the artist, when the artwork came in incorrect size,
resolution or format.
I can't agree with that. American comics are a pretty standard size -- the only thing that tends to vary significantly is the Live area. I don't think it's asking a lot of any artist to understand the nuts and bolts of their profession.

I recently received some B/W pages to use as positionals until the colorist got the final pages done, only to discover that these were: JPEGs, grayscale, and hadn't had the pencils properly erased from the boards after inking. Oh, and they were the wrong proportions.

I'm afraid I contacted the editor and suggested in no uncertain terms that if this particular artist expected to be paid like a professional, they should most definitely learn to submit their artwork like a professional.

Some things are fundamental basics that you're entitled to expect a professional to know how to do, and to actually do without being asked. If I hire a plumber, I don't expect him to come round to my house and then ask to borrow my tools because he didn't bring any of his own.


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