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Originally Posted by sevans View Post
Colour theory.... as in use less black. Many times shadows are the opposite colour. Eg if your skin tones are a warm, yellow type colour, shadow will probably have a purple tint.
If you piece has a overall warm tone (so red), shadows will be a blue colour.
Pure black shadows don't exist in real life.
I hardly ever use black. I use a color that is roughly 50% brightness 15-20% blue saturated most times. Then I apply on a layer with multiply. using a layer mask and up until recently a air brush with 10% to 80% opacity, but I generally start with 20%.

I just go with the natural environmental light and thats almost always blue so I've just mainly stuck with that. Haven't looked at deeper color theory on shadows so been sticking with basics

Hard edges and soft edges. Sometimes shadows are sharp and well defined, sometimes soft and hazy. Don't use the airbrush tool for all your shadows.
I just recently started using the pencil tool for coloring shadows and it has had a marked improvement. I'll be posting those as soon as I get 9 images ^.^ Since I do like 1 a day and already have 6 it should be in a few days when I post them.

I'm still working on this though. I know theory for hard and soft edges... it just hasn't clicked for me yet... also doesn't help that I'm using a mouse to do this so I can't produce some results that I know I would otherwise.

AND...On the positive, your work has improved quite a bit all ready. Well done Sir.
Thanks you ^.^
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