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Originally Posted by Neil Allen View Post
I personally do not feel that my coloring is leaps and bounds above the other aspects of my art. Though, I will say it is the aspect of my whole process that tends to be the most time consuming for me, sometimes even by a good margin.
I isolate this quote out quite intentionally, because it is especially deserving of highlighting.

More so that coloring, per se, your handiwork on display here denotes a rather advanced appreciation understanding the mysteries of color. In layman's terms, you're like Harry Potter just starting out. Your words aside, your use of color betrays a demonstrated appreciation magnitudes of order ahead of your demonstrated appreciation for anatomical precision or discipline of the lettering variety.

Your own words evidence a lack of appreciation for the gift which has been bestowed upon you. There's more than a bit of magic in your coloring methodology. It shines through, whether you see it or not.

That is not to say that I like all instances of your coloring equally, for I don't. But, even with imperfections in various areas included, what you have on display here is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

To borrow a word used by another, here, but in a different context, your deficiencies in anatomical precision are nothing short of jarring. Yes, you can draw well enough to move the story along, but not nearly well enough to avoid saddling you work with the visual baggage of a litany of distractions.

NorthWindComics stated it very well when he described it as a visual feast of hues. Your work has hues to it. You don't cripple your work with a slave mentality towards base colors, and neither do you worship at the altar of coloring in swath. Your skills with coloring are as diverse as the hues on your pages present here.

In a nutshell, your use of color is interesting. It grabs the eye. In instances, it captivates. The artistic universe is full of examples of coloring that can't make a valid claim to those statements.
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