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Originally Posted by DCdraw View Post
It's convenient to get hazy with the particulars AFTER you get called out on your bs.
The fact is you had my layout for that 1 page for weeks so you doing 4 pages in one night is entirely on you and not because some person backed out at the last minute...again not even sure where the last minute part comes from when there wasn't a set deadline was always more like get it done when you can.
So please stop trying to spin it into something it's not, that's it.
my BS? what the hell are you on pal? I never called YOU out at all. I had no idea who it was 2 years later. I had to look up who you were to remember. "hazy on the details". wtf.
all I said was someone was going to do it..and never did. so I did it. and yeah..i turned it into what I wanted. are right. I DID have your layout..for WEEKS. people kept producing. you had other priorities. good. fine. whatever. in my desire to keep the thing ongoing and SOMEwhat coherent, I had to do the part you said you would.

but I didn't say anything about were the one that had to chime in here all ego bruised and defend yourself..for..what reason now? no one was talking about you.
"stop spinning it".
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