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Yeah, I had a client that I agreed to do a book for. Thing is, they sent me a screenplay and I had to break it down into comic book format, page by page. I go so far as to do thumbnails for them, but after that, the project fell through. At least I got paid for the thumbnails, which is something.

That’s so cool you worked for A-level publishers. Back in the day I wanted to do that, but was never good enough I guess. Closest I got was getting a phone call once from some editor at Marvel name John Lewandowski. But it was just to tell me I still needed to work on stuff, but I guess because I was sending in work every three weeks he called me. He called a second time, but I missed his call! That was sometime in the late 90’s.

You are your own client in some ways as a freelancer and you have to know your worth. And, what you will and won’t do. Yeah, it’s tough call to make, I’d imagine. Good job on being a professional, bro!

I do like digital cause it’s somewhat less difficult to make changes. I look forward to seeing more traditional pages. I feel that since I’m working independently, I try to think in terms of re-sale value. Kind of like taking a painting and repurposing the art as a print, calendar, play mat (mouse pad), etc. Hence, having original art to sale as well.

In my mind, working as an independent for independent page rates won’t cut it. It’s not enough money. Trying to 10X my art with merch, art books, etc. is the mindset I’m currently in.
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