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Originally Posted by Artloader View Post
Hey welcome to the forum MeltedChi .

Nice piece there, I like the anatomy and the colours.

I think you could have pushed the dark colours darker and the light colours lighter though, that would have provided even more impact.

Also re: the half body issue, if it was me I would probably have tried changing the perspective so that both figures were at the same level and then cropped the whole image at their navel level or half way down the thighs (there's a rule in composition that says "don't crop at a joint").

Hope that helps, if not please ignore .
Thank you! Happy to be here, and your feedback is very helpful!

What you said regarding color light and darks really hits home. I've felt like my color is a little lack-luster and I couldn't place why. I think what you have suggested would really help towards solving the problem.

Excellent suggestion also about the composition.

I'm going to post a few more commission pieces I did recently to see if there are any suggestions on their composition, as well. They will have the same color issue, but if you have thoughts on cropping, I'd love to hear them.
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