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Thanks for your sincere reply.
Originally Posted by Neil Allen View Post
Can't offer much feedback based on this one page. I have absolutely no context of what is supposed to be happening. I'm not a fan of the way this looks, but I know it is based on some cartoon, and for all I know that is just the style. I can't make any sense of the characters in the lower right or what they're doing. This is due to me just not totally understanding their designs (I should have been clearly introduced to all the characters you're showing on the page), along with your execution of how you're portraying their actions. Ideally, a reader should understand everything that is going on in a comic at a glance, unless it's something that is intentionally supposed to be obscure. I understand that they are fighting, but I don't actually know how they are fighting or specifically what they are doing. I just see vaguely humanoid shapes and a sound effect.
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