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12013 will become famous soon enough12013 will become famous soon enough

to continue the original xmen stuff... where we left off...the xmen were locking in battle with the brotherhood of evil mutants... and dinosaurs. here we pick up where Cyclops is distracted by a dino and suffers a fatal blow by Juggernaut.

this leads to...some unfortunate repercussions.

this page by Don Edwards.

the reaction of the xmen to cyclops falling..specifically from Jean Grey..

by the ever awesome BISHOP

now THESE pages... no disrespect meant to any other artists..were by FAR my most favorite that any of the stuff that was submitted.
these pages by a guy that goes by the name "EFFESS" look so completely 100% professional and amazing...I would buy a book with this guys art based on that alone. I tasked him with drawing the scene where Jean turns to Dark Phoenix. and holy shit did he nail it. 2 yrs later and I'm still in awe of this guys work. I want him to draw MY book..and if I was pay him.
anyway...check this shit out..

and here the still ever awesome BISHOP continues the visual fallout of Dark Phoenix
My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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