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Originally Posted by Aaron Walther View Post
It's all panhandling. Whether they list the book in Previews, take pre orders on their website, or use Kickstarter, it's all asking for people to commit to buying a product ahead of time.

This sort of entitled, "we got to stand up for the little guy" attitude is dangerous. I think the proper name for it is Sour Grapes.

Kickstarter is nothing but a recognizable brand that is offering an "all in one go to location" for people to raise interest and money for their product, and the only reason "customers" use it is because they want to support "creativity" without supporting evil, big business corporations.

Personally, I think the "freedom from corporations" attitude is asinine, but it feeds into the "we got to stand up for the little guy" attitude that so many people have about Kickstarter projects.

Kickstarter is just as big business as Image Comics. Kickstarter cuts out some of the middleman costs because it places all the responsibility on the creator, and as far as I know, provides a more instant access to the money (for better or worse).

Kickstarter is not going to start turning away famous people who are guaranteed to bring in big bucks because that would destroy their whole business model and would loose them money.

Rich famous people have just as much a right to make money as the rest of us poor saps do. There's nothing about the Kickstarter model that says they are specifically for poor, unknown people. Sure, Kickstarter has done a good job of selling that concept, because that's what the customer market wants to hear, but they are in no way obligated to start restricting who can and cannot use their model.

I think there are steps Kickstarter needs to take to make the crowdfunding experience better, but limiting the number of people who can use the platform is not one of them.
I never suggested any of the things this post pretends I have.
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