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Smile ARTIST wanted for various projects

Iím the writer behind THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS AND ADVENTURES OF THE DEAD PRESIDENTS and Iím looking for an artist. I want you to be the main artist for the dead presidents. I have used Digital Webbing in the past to hire artists, a colorist, and letterers.

I want a talented, creative, hardworking comic book artist. Iím looking for someone interested in the project and who can do sequential storytelling. The style Iím going for is like the Venture Bros.-look but Iím not against considering a unique style that captures the spirit and tone of the concept which originated as an idea for a comedy, action/adventure animated series. The characters' looks are set, but bring your style.

The artist position is to complete various projects over the next year or two including a potential graphic novel/digital comic mini.

Iím self-funding the work at this point and use PayPal. I usually pay after the work is finalized (meaning after it's in its final form and file ready), whether thatís immediately or within a two-week period. I will invoice the work. Iím not really a fan of filling out a contract because so far those that have been filled out are never really kept except on my end of paying on time. Iím flexible with deadlines and not a grouch about them. References can be found with the creative people I worked with to complete the first graphic novel linked here:

Below you will see the first two projects that have payment terms followed by future projects.

First is a simple task and could be boring to you as a comic book artist. The figure sketch is your chance to be creative with the characters in a pose. Here is a link to the last set used on my site:

There are 39 dead presidents (38 back when the first graphic novel was finished). I was thinking $10 per dead president which would equal $390 total.

If youíre a colorist as well and want to color them, $5 per dead president for a total of $195. For both art and color, you would get $585.

We can figure out if you want to do them in sets or all at once.

After that, the next project would be a traditional wall calendar. I have written out scenarios for each month. Theyíre battles between dead presidents who have run against each other.

There are 12 months, some scenarios are simple and others more elaborate, so I was thinking $100 per month for a total of $1200.

If youíre a colorist as well, I was thinking $25 per month for a total of $300. All together you would get $1500.

This project would be accomplished over a few months with a schedule we can work out.

Eventually, Iíd like to do another graphic novel and Iím in the process of writing it. So in regards to this Iíd be interested in your page rate.

I donít have a start date but would essentially reach out to you when Iím ready and figure out what works best with your schedule at that point, meaning I might have to wait in line if that is the case.

The only real commitment I want is a regular artist to work with on things related to the dead presidents. Other ideas include: a classroom-like dead presidents info poster, t-shirt designs, pin-ups. The pay rates for those things can be discussed when and if they occur. But understand compensating you is my priority after the completion of any work whether that is the figure sketches, calendar, pin-ups, or pages.

So right now, over the next few months the work totals up to $2,085.

1. Send a sample of your take on one or two of the dead presidents. Some of my favorites are Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, TR, and FDR. But choose whichever youíd like to be considered on. Please maintain the established looks of the characters referenced here:

2. Send samples of your work in sequential art and/or portfolio.

3. Share your page rate.

4. Share with me your interest in the project aside from the compensation aspect.

5. Send samples of your coloring if you also want to be considered for the colorist position as well.

I will wait a week or two to determine who I will select and give people time to apply. Once selected, we can determine a schedule for the first project if need be. After that we can figure out a timeline for the wall calendar. Then there will be a period of undetermined time before beginning the graphic novel. You the artist can do whatever you want and need to do, like work and commit to other projects. When Iím ready Iíll do as mentioned above and contact you and see where I fit into your schedule. I will be assuming you are still interested in working on the story regardless of how long it has been since youíve worked on the previous projects related to the dead presidents. I will take it you have an interest as you are applying for it right now.

Iím a secondary school social sciences teacher in California. I also went to the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and received a masterís in screenwriting. So, Iím a visual storyteller and mainly write screenplays/teleplays. Iíve taken my knowledge of pointless presidential pfacts and combined them with my love of comic books to create the comedy-action/adventure animated series THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS AND ADVENTURES OF THE DEAD PRESIDENTS. Itís the story about dead presidents with cosmic-powers and no one to check them.

So, if you are an artist and have a style I might be interested in or if you want more information please contact me at Please do not message me on Digital Webbing.

You can find the Dead Presidents on Twitter @theDPOTUS and on

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post but I need to let you know what Iím looking for. So I know that you read and understand what Iím looking for, please put ďTippecanoeĒ in the subject line if youíre applying for just the artist (pencils and inks) position. If youíre applying for artist and colorist add ďand Tyler too!Ē in the subject line.

all the bestÖ
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