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12013 will become famous soon enough12013 will become famous soon enough

just an update guys... I know its been quiet and people are probably wondering when the hell we will see this thing. I'm still working on getting my pages lettered. but besides the cover, that's it. hopefully this will be all finished soon.

as for the cover, again I'm not sure if our cover guy will have a chance to do something for us, the face of possible extreme personal embarrassment, I drew something that is in the process of being colored that MAYBE could be used as a case there is nothing else. when its done, I will see if you graphic designers will put the titles/logos that we came up with on it and we can see if its something worthwhile.
gotta admit, makes me nervous to say "hey, heres MY art to be the cover for the whole thing " but..there will be an option. unless its deemed to sucky, and then we can come up with something else if needed.

anyway..just a quick update.
My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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