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hey....!!! that looks awesome SCRIBBLY. maybe that's a way to go if nothing else comes up.

this is the black and white to the art I was doing for a possible cover option. curious to know if people think this wouldn't work at all.... id LOVE for anyone to put some lettering on it to see what it looks like..kinda like scribblys up there..
I also have some coloring options coming for my art here.

OH...and also..the awesome RobertS lettered my pages and they are DONE. the book is ready to be seen, minus cover designs. SSTIGER. you said you could do PDF formatting for us? is that still a possibility?


edit...WHY CANT I GET MY IMAGE TO SHOW?!?! gah!!!

double edit.. figured it out. DUH. thx Bishop
My art here...for anyone that wants to see..

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