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Originally Posted by SSTiger View Post
Yeah, I'm still up for it - I got your PM and I've sent you a reply; we can start hashing out the details.

That image looks cool, Rob! I love the shadow of the horn falling over his eye.

Would it be possible to do a bunch of silhouettes of the characters that Hellboy is meeting, and put them underneath/around the face, so as to emphasize the team-up nature of the book?

(I don't know how much extra work that would take though; so just floating an idea.)
hey man just wrote you back. sent you the dropbox link so you can have access to the whole project so far. so feel free to get started. maybe we can use SCRIBBLYS cover type image up there for the inside cover, or BACK cover or...Something.. whatever. it just looks awesome.

as far as your suggestion for adding the other characters to the cover around the face..i cant do that and I don't know if someone would be willing to try. I am also worried that it may make it look to cluttered? never know unless we can see what someone can do.

also...considering the book is basically done... and I'm asking all of you guys.. should be share the dropbox link here for all of us to be able to read it. once we have a downloadable pdf link we can share that all over the universe when its done. but as far as us all reading it... should we make it available?

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