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I think you are a magnificent artist much better than me and much better than many artists I've seen here and around the internet and Pro Comics. But here's the thing you are an embellisher on other peoples artwork. Jeffo46 mentioned Rudy Nubres he and Alfredo Alcala and many other Spanish artist from the 70s were embellishers and they were fantastic at it. An embellisher can make a poor artist look great. But In My Opinion inking is almost a lost art in most modern comics, a good inker should be invisible only accentuating the lines of the penciler and adding nothing of his own style. If you are hired as an embellisher go crazy but if you are hired as an inker you should add nothing of your own style to the pencils IMO. Your second pass at the Kirby Conan inked is great! But you put lines in there that Kirby didn't draw, you "fixed" his anatomy and many people have done that with Kirby but when you do it takes away from what HE did.
I know what I'm saying will be lost on many people reading this judging by the inking I see in modern comics, some inkers bury the penciler under their own style and it's sad to see.

Here is a John Byrne Rudy Nubres comic from the 70s. Rudy embllished the heck out of Byrne here only the strong composition and design sense of Byrne is left.
Byrne Nubres
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