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I personally think that Jim did a great job on the Kirby piece . True his style is there but looking at it, you can still tell that it's Jack Kirby as well . I still stand by my statement that Jim would be a great inker in this business .
I do too if he can reign himself in a little more and be invisible, if not he'll be a great embellisher. No doubt this guy is a fantastic artist no denying that but if you look at the history of Kirby and others like him they didn't want people redrawing their stuff and fixing it. If any artist draws full pencils he intends every line to be inked, if he did breakdowns it's more open to interpretation.
I hope this doesn't come off like I'm putting Jimlai down here, I'm amazed at his ability here and it's awesome to behold but he changed alot in that picture. Of course you can tell it's Kirby that's not the point. The point is he softened Kirby's zip lines and added and subtracted all sorts of details in this pic, he made it his own, he embellished it. I'm not saying this is wrong I'm saying if he were hired by a company to ink this picture and handed this in it wouldn't be considered inking it would be considered embellishing.
He did a great job and it looks great but when Jack Kirby drew that picture 34 years he put those lines there for a reason. I know some people like to see different styles blended and so do I but the request was just to ink. Look at the original there are thick and thin line weights and cross hatching and all sorts of detail that Kirby put there it's not open for interpretation.

I guess we're not going to agree, I'm going to let it go I don't want to highjack Jimlai's art thread here and start trouble the work is fantastic he has great skill and he could be a Pro artist Yesterday. But this is embellishment not inking, inking is dong exactly what the artist laid down on paper if it is full pencils.

Jimlai I'm a fan of your work so I hope you don't take any of this the wrong way.
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