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Panel 5: A view of the creepy man looking shocked and terrified, trying to merge himself through the wall he’s cowering so emphatically. The shadow of the enormous, intimidating werewolf is thrown on the wall next to the creepy man. (Shadow being thrown? No. Schuyler, you didn’t think you were getting away, did you? Why is this impossible?)
I thought about this a lot. Then I went into my kitchen, where there is an overhead light. I think, most hospitals have over head lights. Now, we want that shadow to be enormous and intimidating, right?

Well, my shadow was always shorter than me. My kitchen does not have a tall ceiling, so the overhead light is pretty low to the ground.

My conclusion, is that the shadow could not be projected on the wall as enormous or intimidating, unless the light source was very low to the ground.

I say projected because that's how light works. It projects.

I don't know if this was what Steven wanted, but I sure had fun with it.

Somebody has to drop a flashlight in order for this to work. Not impossible, but would need to be written into the script in an organic way.

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