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I did not mean to say that I thought comics could take the place of income from the oil industry. Especially these days with, as you said, the international competition.
It really is a case right now, to everybody that is paying attention, the "Big boys and Girls" don't care about us and if we rely on them for things like a stable economic situation they will do us harm.
You are a creative man and that does give you some advantages in any situation but that in no way will lessen the stress you must feel now. I hope we all learn from this that relying on these mammoth corporate and governmental structures does not lead to security, and we do not owe them our allegiance. All our talents are wasted when we work for them.
I have not been able to have a proper career myself due to long standing complications from a useless medical procedure I had as a child. It just screwed me just enough where i could not really be in the world like most, I am learning now. I am getting over it some what, fifty years later. My point is these large institutions, no matter the supposed benevolence, where we can not get our hands around their necks, can not be relied on for anything.
If we stick together as people in general we can help ourselves to a prosperous future. That is what forums like this are for. Not just for comics but for creative ideas in general getting around despite the greedy control freaks trying to throw us out. Stay in touch.
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