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One thing I've learned is that the majority of artists aren't technically minded and don't really want to learn the nuts and bolts either. They just want to draw. So making printsize specs and how to get there as easy as possible is the best solution.

To that end, don't confuse them with the trim line. All artists need to know is that when their pages are resized to printsize, their panels need to be in the live area, and their bleed art needs to go right up to the document edge.

If you introduce the trim line and tell them stuff about the bleed, you'll often have the problem of their bleed art going right up to the trim line, and that's it. Not ideal, of course.

Ever since my previous templates were distilled into the ones linked above, the need for further explanations has been minimal. Out of about 300 artists over the last 2 years working on Popgun, I've only had 1 who didn't get it by reading the instructions. After a little more hand holding, he got it as well.

So now I don't even bother to resize except for a few rare instances when it's minor stuff and not worth the bother. I just send the template again and ask them to do it properly.
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