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Originally Posted by Scribbly View Post
Hey, what about a story having the Fist Of Justice, FOJ, for a DW character?
It could be of use and included on DW projects afterwards. IMHO.
I am not specifically interested in using FOJ specifically myself. He already exists here and my thought was to create a NEW guy. tho the more I think about it, I'm not sure how in the hell that would actually work...making a character with EVERYones input.
its almost like it would have to be just a visual design that has some element built in to him where the character can be written in various ways... like a multi-verse jumping guy that takes on different traits in the universe he jumps in to.
I don't know. that may not work exactly.

I personally am leaning to HELLBOY for sure in some capacity..he lends himself to lots of cool monsters to fight...

but I like that a few people are interested...lets keep the discussion going and see who else wants in and who can do what.

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