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Originally Posted by Screwtape Jenkins View Post
Does that annoy anyone else? It annoys me. I see it more often with video games, where giant publishers who could raise money through more traditional means come to kickstarter for the interest-free, consequence-free money.

I feel like there's a finite supply of cash going through kickstarter and it should be reserved for people and projects that couldn't realistically raise the money elsewhere.
I had the same reaction at first. But I don't think "there's a finite supply of cash going through kickstarter."

In late 2011, only 16% of all funders were "repeat backers" who had given to more than one project. -- "The Kickstarter Handbook: Real-Life Crowdfunding Success Stories" by Don Steinberg

Take a look at a project like the Veronica Mars movie. 63,000 backers. Do you think that project pulled $4 million worth of pledges away from other projects? Of course not. It was a built in fan base responding to a call for help. Those 63,000 people are in for that project, and then gone.

The same most likely holds true for the comic book projects. Gail Simone is not stealing potential pledges from Henchmen.

But, there is always the possibility that the people who come in for the BIG NAME, may stick around to windowshop at the other projects. They already signed up with the site and pledged some money, what's a few more bucks to another interesting project?

The real problem I have with Kickstarter and established professionals is that of course their projects are going to be more successful; so what happens is they take up the invaluable space at the top of the search page. How far down do you have to scroll (through some pretty famous people's projects) before they get to Joe Schmoe's project of passion?

I complained to Kickstarter about improving their Search features. I really hope something changes before my project goes Live.
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