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Before you sleep.

Hello Dear Friends,
- I' m a comic book artist, who worked with Image Comics (drew 3 issue at Five Ghosts - #15, #16, #17 Supernatural NOIR backup story called " Sleepwalking" with Fabian Rangel Jr. and Mike Spicer)
and BOOM! Studios (Clive Barker's HELLRAISER Bestiary #4 ) and many other indie projects.

Since 1 year I started to write and draw my own short stories. I'm trying to improve my storytelling skills since 4 months with a project called " Before You Sleep" This is a challenge with myself. The thing about this project, I drew and write over 80 stories in 4 months. Lots of them are one page short stories and some of them are 3- 4 page. There is almost every kind of story genres in this project.
Challenge is, I don't use pencil, sketch or thumbnails, it's a freehand comic project directly on paper with ink.

There is a video on my Patreon page, you can see how i m drawing these stories. Let me know what you think about this project,
Please share & support this project, this is only job i' m trying to survive with.
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