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Hey there Ben have a good holiday season? Mine was pretty good. Anyhoo,yes I am a whovian,have been since the 90's of getting late into Doctor who.

I didn't quite catch the twice upon a time episode until I got to see the latest...regeneration scene. Yeah,that's what I was there for,more on that later.

David Bradley was great as the first doctor,and it was great seeing the original doctor again in some form after so long,as for the capaldi era,well...i'm still trying to catch up on his adventures for awhile,but yes he's had some pretty wild ones,and was mighty surprised they'd have him utilize the martial arts of the 3rd doctor at that,great nod to the pertwee version at that.

Now,for my little nitpick on the ending of twice upon a time. The regeneration,'s my two cents on it. I for one have always been comfortable with the doctor being a man,and imo I think this new change is a little too drastic of going against the long time tradition of Dr who.

I mean,if the all female change didn't work for ghostbusters,I have a feeling it won't go with the new Doctor who next season. To me,he's always been a male character and over a dozen regenerations have proven that,but what they are doing is breaking away a good tradition with the character.

I'm not trying to be sexist or anything,I mean I rather like for one gwen stacy as Spider-woman/Gwen,now that's an idea that ya can turn on it's ear.
And i'm okay with there has been a female starship captain in recent star trek shows,I always respected captain Janeway since day one.

But this new change for the doctor just isn't my cup of tea,but I wish Jodie Whitaker the very best of luck in her role as the Doctor.

And that's all I wish to get off my chest about the new series,none of you have to agree with me if you don't want to,it's just my opinion.
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