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First, thanks a lot for reading the story and offering such thorough and specific feedback. That is a HUGE help! It's really beneficial to know what people who are actually interested in the story think of it.

One of the things about posting stuff around is that, of course, not everyone is going to be all that interested in what you're doing, simply because it doesn't speak or connect with them. And that's fine, because our projects can't be all things to all people. While those people who aren't all that interested can still have very useful things to say, and it's also good to have their perspective, it's not quite the same as getting feedback from someone more invested. In other words, feedback from fans or people interested in becoming fans. So again, I really appreciate that.

About the webcomic format. To tell you the truth, I am really not a huge webcomic reader. And I wasn't a webcomic reader at all before undertaking this project, though I have since found some that I really like. I understand not liking having to settle for such small updates and then having to wait again for another small update. Honestly, the format suits comic strips a lot better than comic books, and I believe strips (the types of things like Garfield and Peanuts) are what was originally done in this format.

I'm using the format now because I feel it's the most feasible way of telling my story at the moment, so I take the good with the bad. From a creator standpoint, one of the advantages is that you keep your content updating regularly, and when you get a following people will tweet or share whenever a new page comes out. In some settings, many small regular updates can be more beneficial than few massive updates, because it opens up potential for more sharing of your content and people build a routine of visiting your site and sharing your stuff, and the people they share it with keep seeing it pop up in their feed.

I mean, one example is that this topic has way more views than other topics where people are like, "Hey, come check out this book I did," and then they're gone. It's the numerous small updates that gets people coming back to see what is happening here.

About Marlene and the Princess Allecka Xona. I have heard that same thing from some others where they prefer Marlene. Marlene has the advantage of being introduced first, so I think it's normal for readers to like her more. That's just the way the story naturally flowed In many ways the story tells itself. I've been really wanting to get to the parts with the Princess, but I had to stay true to the story. I an really excited to finally be at the part when she comes to the forefront. We will see a lot more of the princess and learn more about her in the pages to come.

It's good to hear that the art is getting better. I always work at improving things in that department and I'm glad it is noticeable. I actually don't do splash pages hardly at all. Perhaps it has something to do with me doubling as a writer, but I oftentimes think they are a waste if valuable real estate. Though I don't want that to sound like an absolute. They can be done very effectively. And much of the reason those are used in comics is due to technical print and/or advertisement things that don't affect me in the digital format I am using. I oftentimes use big anchor panels for emphasis instead of splashes.

And again, I'm really happy you're enjoying the story and I'm glad to hear it makes sense and is easy to follow and that the characters sound natural and are believable.s More new content coming soon!
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