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Originally Posted by SSTiger View Post
The thing with public domain characters is that a lot of them are from a lot of different settings that may not necessarily gel with each other. Putting Sherlock Holmes deducing things and and Mowgli talking to animals in the same story is unlikely to work well.

My suggestion would be that we stick to FANTASY public domain characters, and use a single kingdom/land as a domain, which comes under attack by an external force (the INVASION idea) and then each creative team picks their characters and tells the story of how that particular character deals with the threat in their part of the land.

For example; The Kingdom of <#We'llpickanamelater> is under attack by some sort of energy creatures (can be something else). The Kingdom is home to characters like Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Nemo (DIBS), The Big Bad Wolf, The Seven Dwarfs, etc. who all live in different places of the same country. The whole place is under attack, like Chitauri from the Avengers movie type attack.

If that is set up as the opening framing device, from there, everybody picks up the narrative for their own character(s). You can bring your own twist to the character you pick as well. Maybe Little Riding Hood herself was the wolf, and the animal was a Split Personality of her own mind? Something like that, entirely up to you.

After each character deals with the threat individually, maybe they come together to deal with the main "Flying Fortress" or whatever? Sort like a "Fables" meets "Fairy Tale Avengers" type deal for the conclusion.

What do you guys think?
I can see that as an idea. tho I wonder if people might be more interested in a classic superhero concept. all the PD characters I looked up and are interested in are in the superhero/crime type stuff genre...
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