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Originally Posted by Scribbly View Post
This is what I think. First, we should make a list of these PD characters for everybody to know what are the characters available to work with.
Maybe just a link to the site where these characters are already listed.

Each participant should pick one or two or more heroes/ superheroes and work out his own self contained story.
Working on team or individually.
Making his own free version of the characters he/her may choose. As long the basic characteristics and MO of each character are respected.
As we did with Hellboy. The character's foe, enemy, villain should be also a free choice.

If two or more authors are picking up the same character/s it should be OK.
The nature of the danger or catastrophe these characters are facing and their story resolution, all this should be up to each author.
The possibilities could be unlimited.

This could be very fun.
Superhero Mash!
Domain Mash!
this is basically what I was thinking would work. the only think I was hoping we could figure out was SOME kind of thru line that connected the portal for Hellboy. its not needed this idea by SCRIBBLY would totally work on its own.
but if there was some kind of "connective tissue"..i keep going back to the Heavy Metal movie, where that glowy whatever thing showed up in every story. something that connected them all. if anyone has a good idea, I think it would be fun to see if we can fit that into the project.

but beyond that, I think this idea that SCRIBBLY just described is the way to go.

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