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Originally Posted by Morganza View Post
Here's my idea of a global catastrophe that would include virtually every character.

The Earth is in chaos as time contracts and expands randomly, people and creatures from the past and future appear, the confusion flares up into battles among the population, a select few discover the anomaly and how to stop it.
see I think this is starting to come together. this idea can work. still need to work out specifics, like WHAT the anomaly is and where it originates? I have this idea of some big burst of energy in space just outside earth orbit that ...I don't know..ruptures space/time... this can make different characters all interact together from different eras or places if needed. OR it can make it so a common enemy is attacking the characters in different places/times.

what could/would that threat be? rather than characters fighting each other? or...what? lots of possibilities.

keep throwing out ideas guys...

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