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Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Very cool that you reworked you page. New version looks better. I'm liking what you cooking up so far. Where are you finding most of your readers?

Are you getting feedback from anyone?
That new character reminds me of an X-Men sentinel.
You create some powerful figures.
Well done.
Thank you. About the questions...

Where do I get most of my readers?
I run another website that is about something very similar to this, which gets traffic. I direct visitors of that site to my Zatswan website. I also post on comic book forums and have developed some rapport on some of them. Posts on forums or social networks that have userbases that you believe will be interested in your content can go a loooong way. I have actually gotten rather successful websites off the ground just doing that. That said, I think it is most worthwhile to post on ones that are large in membership and have strong activity.

I also make Youtube videos about comic books and comic book related things, and I'm rather shameless about plugging my Zatswan project, as I should be.

Twitter is another source of traffic. Every time someone follows me, I have an automated system set up that shoots them a direct message inviting them to take a look at my comic. I send out update tweets whenever a new page is ready and use (I think) good hashtags to find new readers.

I also follow other people on Twitter who make web comics and interact with them. They aren't hard to find using the #ComicBookHour and #WebComicChat hashtags, among others. Those are communities that have weekly Twitter chats and I take part in those, usually. They're fun... sometimes. It depends on the topics they talk about. Oftentimes they're about interesting things that yield very good information. I've found the discussions most interesting when subjects like promotion, how best to monetize your comic, and preparing your comic for print are discussed. Other times the topics are just lame, or just about common sense stuff. The Twitter groups get pretty strong activity. Especially ComicBookHour.

I will invest money into advertising when I have more content. I will likely start with ads using Project Wonderful.

Are you getting feedback from anyone?
Not often. Why? I dunno'. Probably best to ask the people who don't give me feedback. They're all around us. I do not find this discouraging, though, because I'm passionate about my project and my passion doesn't really hinge on feedback from some other people. And in the long run, I'm pretty confident about my project. I think it will succeed in appealing to the people I'm aiming it at.

Besides, at this point, I'm not expecting anyone to be a super fan of my project. There simply isn't enough content for it yet. I'm aware that it takes time and content for people to invest in the characters and the story. Maybe if I was doing simple gag comics, I would have enough content by now, but for this type of comic, I don't think there is. I believe the best I can do at this point is intrigue people. If I can do that much, I will count it as a victory. As the story unfolds, I believe more people will become invested if I play my cards right. This is why I don't bother investing money into ads right now. When I spend money advertising, I want readers to have more content to dive into. Finding readers isn't really my prime directive at this point. I'm mainly focused on building content.
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