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Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Well, I'm not going to interrupt your showcase thread with a bunch of questions.
Oh, I don't mind. Ultimately, I think we're here to help and engage with other creators.

But I've always felt, places like this and others are where the creators are. And creatives don't really have a lot to say. Either you're working on your content/material or you are really relaxing.
I think it depends on the community. This particular one, in my opinion, is not especially outgoing. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that's been my experience from what I've seen. Activity breeds activity. I think if more people offered (beneficial and non-assholey) feedback, then others would be encouraged to offer feedback. For example, I admit that lately I don't have much to say to people here. However, if more people offered me thoughts on my own work, I'm almost sure that I would offer thoughts on other people's work more often and participate in the community more. I mean, for one thing, I'd have more of a reason to be around here more often. When no one is saying anything on an artist forum, then potential members would probably think, "what's the point of even posting there."

I think we should remember that if people aren't offering us any feedback, that's not our fault, so it's nothing that we should be discouraged by. It's likely to do with where we are posting our work, and that's something for the forum administrators to deal with in making their community more active and welcoming. Not our problem.

And readers seem to be scattered.
I think the best thing to do is think about what your comic is about, think about what other franchises it might be like, think about who might enjoy something like your comic, think about who you're trying to reach with your comic, and then go to wherever those people are at, and engage in communities where they are. I think that's the best free way to go about finding readers.

For example, the other site that I have is about the John Stewart Green Lantern character from DC Comics, and it gets traffic. So, when we consider that character, he is a black dude with some cosmic powers. Well, that's exactly what I have in my Zatswan comic, so the traffic I direct from my Green Lantern site to my Zatswan site is extremely targeted. I already have an audience that I think will enjoy Zatswan, so I just point them to my comic. Some of that audience reads my comic, and it's my hope that once they become invested enough in it as the series unfolds, they will enjoy it enough and care enough about it to tell other people they think may be interested, and then things go from there.

I know for me, I'm mostly concerned with my own stuff, but I do click through this thread to see what you are up to. Your series is steadily maturing.
Thanks a lot for that. I appreciate it!
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