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You're talking about the .pdf file on my site? If so, that is only chapter 1. I haven't bothered compiling chapter 2 into a .pdf yet, because there are a couple things I want to change. Nothing too major. Just a few panels and a bit of lettering.

What you're seeing in this topic is the whole story that has been posted online. That is chapter 1, which is 21 pages, chapter 2, which is another 21 pages, and chapter 3, of which I have posted 3 pages. I have posted quite a bit in this topic, but at this point, I don't mind where people read it, on my site or otherwise. As I see it, posting it here just gets more eyes on the project, and hopefully more interest in it. Right now, I'm still primarily focused on building content for the project, following that, just building interest is the next priority. I'm not too focusing too much on sales right now, because I figure who is going to buy something they've never heard of and know nothing about. Eventually, I plan on Zatswan paying out, though

If you want to read the whole story, the best place to go is and start here:

If you would like to buy the whole story, that's not prepared just yet. Zatswan is a webcomic, so it's mainly meant to be read from the internet, but I will compile Zatswan: Multiversal Guardian in an entire volume for print and digital .pdf when there is more content.

I've considered Comixology, but haven't for the reason I've posted above. If I was to submit my content there, I would have two 21 page chapters to put up.

That is what you do, right? How is Comixology working for you? Do you get regular sales from there?
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