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A couple took FOREVER to set up. They said there was a problem with getting my business account and tax withholding together. That wasn't the only site that told me- it was a delay so I believe them.

I obviously won't discuss raw numbers, but the first month was awesome and the second month was a total fall off . I actually contacted them to see if there was an issue with the accounting. lol

comiXology told me that was normal - that all number 1s sell great and then there is a fall off in sales and then it steadily climbs. I was worried for a few months, but now I'm seeing a very nice spike and climb in sales.

I'm also doing more to promote the series across many sites, hosting comic sites and facebook groups. I'm also running ads on facebook and sharing and all that social media stuff.

And so sales are relatively good for an indie out the gate- with no support. Since digital sales numbers are impossible to get, I have no idea if selling X-Number-of-books is an incredible feat or would make a title a failure.

No idea. ANYbody buying one of my books makes me happy so we'll see where the sales arrows go. For now, I'm content at the rise and it's even inspired me to launch a second title.

I say do it when you're ready. It's a very nice reading experience. I have a huge monitor so I like the double pane experience- also, that's how I read comics as a kid. Who opened up one panel at a time? lol

comiXology is owned by the monster Amazon so it's a pretty easy way in. Also it's where all the digital readers are. You can sell your pdfs on DriveThrucomics (I'm on there) but sales are dismal. I know I need to figure out their promotional engine and how to do sales. When the new series arrives, I'm going back to free versions on all the webcomic hosting sites. They were really good for traffic. There's 4 or 5 of them that are worth putting your series on....
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