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Yeah, when I read yours I'm like.....did I miss some pages? Is this the middle of another story...was the bus part, part of this same arc?

I'd like to just sit down one day and read the whole thing in one easy package.
Plus- when it's a page here and there, it feels like it's taking forever to get to the answers I want.

Groups with names like
Independent comic Creators
Comic Creators
Promote your comics etc....

Once you join one group FaceBook suggests all the others or the members link to them.

If you want traffic then all those free hosting sites work. If you want to connect to other creators then the facebook group is where it's at.

I'm still looking for a forum for serious comic creators with activity and output.
Most of the forums is kids posting idle topics because they are bored.

And many others, you get views (could be bots) but no engagement.
Digital Comics
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