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You know what, one of my silent opinions turned out to be true.
There's a few issues I always scratch my head over, in WEBCOMICS.

((and I mean works designed and formatted as a webcomic, not just a comic shared and doled out on the web...)))

a) Some that are concerned with page-a-day frequency release filler pages and pages with nothing happening because they need to meet their upload quota.

b) Full pages that are not full pages. If you blow up an image, you usually do that for 2 reasons. One, there is an epic AMOUNT OF STUFF going on and you need to pull close to see all the details. Two, you have an IMPORTANT scene that needs emphasizing, like a vista-like establishing shot or a moment the reader needs to remember. When they take an ordinary panel and make it full-page size, it doesn't feel like a splash page, it feels like a large panel.

c) A stretched story plays havoc with my memory. If you're the writer, you're probably going back and reading a bunch of old pages before dropping the new page or made them all in a row and uploaded them in gaps. As a reader, I tend to forget what's happening when 10 pages in the past is six weeks. I just don't remember all those small details.

The ONLY problem I had with your book was the last one, where I had trouble following the page-every-so-often release schedule. I know, for now, it can't be helped, but I wish I was getting a single chapter at a time.

Reading you whole book in one swoop was awesome. I had forgotten so much and didn't realize you had so much set up before the action kicked off. I was thinking about the princess (Blondie) and waiting to see where that was going to go, but starting from the top, I'm rooting for Marlene more.

I like the writing, in that, the main characters are saying the same things I would be saying and thinking and it's a fantastic story, but doesn't need too much suspension-of-belief to get into.

The art is steadily improving, which makes you decision to wait all the more insightful. You have some panels that are just incredible and your attention to detail is really key.

The plot makes sense and it seems like you've covered all you bases and you have a true sense of how things work in your universe. Good job.
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