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Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Oh man, I could write for days about your book. First, the bright colors threw me- with all the digital tools available, it seems like a weird decision to make it almost crayon like and so vibrant-

BUT! That's what makes it different. You do the colorful art in EVERY panel, which is different than just the energy or action scenes having heavy color and all the regular scenes are kinda boring and less intense.

Your world building is modern day, but then you have the multi-verse which can be anything. You've already shown us a huge array of alien characters, which makes it seem like a true VAST, vast universe. So many other races are already working together. As a sorta-post-teen main character, you've taken it a step further and shown us college-bills as an issue. Financial aid is his concern- so we have real problems that the characters are dealing with.

It's the classic trope of character gets awesome powers and is unhappy with life. Here, you skipped past that and threw him into a battle- and he was SCARED, but did his job and knew he needed to make a difference. He already shows characters and a moral curve. The moment when he looked down and saw the dead solider and was like "That could be me".

I think you're right about the updates and getting more hits. On sites like this, I just don't know how many are reads and how much traffic is crawling bots. There are a few sites that I'll glance at books without replying because I can't be bothered to join up or log in- just to leave a comment.

Keep going. So far, so good.
Thanks again.

About the art... I suppose my approach to it is not standard for comic books, but at the same time, like many comics, it's a mix of digital and traditional methods. I often do gutters in Photoshop and most of the lettering is done in Illustrator, although I often hand letter certain things, too. Everything else is done by hand, and I ink and color directly on the paper that I draw on, so I never use light boxes or any kind of transferring method. The paper I use varies. These days I mostly use vellum and watercolor paper, though I plan on using some mixed media paper, too.

I draw with regular sketch pencils and ink mostly with a dip pen and brushes. My coloring tools vary. I use mostly colored pencils and watercolor pencils these days, but I also use oil pastels, soft pastels, markers, acrylic paint occasionally, and probably other things I'm just not thinking of right now.

Why did I decide on this approach? I can't remember it really being a conscious decision. It was more like that is just the way I make art, and then I transferred that over to comics. When I'm working on my project, I don't particularly set out to make "super hero comic art" or emulate a particular comic art style, or try to make it look like something from Marvel or DC Comics, though I'm sure those influences are there to a degree.

I often try to put a lot of detail in the backgrounds, because I view the set pieces kind of like characters. I feel I need to strongly establish them like I need to establish the characters. Plus, it contributes a lot to the world building without having to use text to do it.
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