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Originally Posted by Scribbly
I wonder if, you ever thought why?
After the artist is sending the first page in a wrong size/format.
Maybe for ignorance, negligence, convenience or because he's merely
an unresponsible person.
Call this "phenomena" as you want.

Why, when the person in "charge of the project", call him manager, coordinator,
editor or whatsoever, why when he is receiving the first page in a
wrong format and size.
Because is him the first one who’s receiving the artwork, not you.
Why this person in charge is not calling immediately the artist/s in question and
requesting from him to correct this problem and send the total of
the remained pages in a proper format?
Which would solve the situation immediately.

But, apparently this persona never would do that.
Or at least, he never did it in the pointed cases.
Why do you think this never happen? This looks very coincidental isn't it?
Apparently, this "phenomena" is very spreaded.

Receiving the artwork in wrong format and instead to
asking the artist to correct it, or correcting it for himself,
this persona in charge is oblivious in sending the whole
work in wrong format to the next person in the line.
Maybe, you have the answer for this already.
You're arguing that passing the buck is okay.

Every person involved in a project should be fiercely proud of their work, and should make sure from the outset that what they're doing is 100% correct--that no one down the line can fuck shit up because they know they've done a correct job.

This means that artists need to talk to their editors or publishers to find out what their size requirements are before they even start.

It's not the responsibility of a project leader, editor, or underpaid & overworked letterer to harp on the same old points again and again with the same artists continuing to not try to improve their knowledge (or colorists who continue to send RGB files when they know they're supposed to send CMYK).
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