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An anthology sounds interesting.

STAR WARS would be interesting if we were able to do new, original stuff set in the same galaxy far, far away or, even more intriguing, bring the SW characters, etc., a little closer to home by having encounters with, of course, TREK, maybe the Shiíar, Kree, Skrull, Dire Wraiths, Thanos or Galactus (or Galactus in the SW galaxy?) from MARVEL or the New Gods/Apokolips/Darkseid, the Green Lantern Corps., and some of the various other space-faring characters of the DC Universe. Would also be interested in doing a story/series of stories of SW characters and tech on Earth (an idea thatís intrigued me for a while now).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Iím always up for as there are likely plenty of stories to mine from that particular universe/character set.

Another idea to interject is maybe doing an anthology of great female fighters/characters to compliment Buffy; an original Slayer story, maybe a story of Sarah Conner post-Terminator, a good solo Scully tale, The Bionic Woman, Xena, Red Sonja (of course), Max (from Dark Angel) or Nikita and/or Alex from Nikita.
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