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Yes it is digital inking. for all the free hand stuff I used a program called Mypaint which is pretty simple but has a very good, maybe the best, brush engine and has a good feel with the tablet. I use Krita for the more technical things.
As far as inking, I learned this from comic strip artists, I did one character at a time. I started with the guy with the hair and the other characters the same. Then I did the out side back grounds then inside and finished with spotting back ground blacks in panels that looked like they needed it. I feel that this really helped because there were fewer inconsistencies. Like the guy with the hair, I figured out how to do the hair or the cut of his suit or what ever and repeat it while it is fresh in my mind. It helped me feel much more satisfied with the finish and was much quicker for me with a lot less feeling like I have to fix things at the end.
Thanks again
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