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Your expressions and proportions still need work. I don't buy a lot of the drawing, it looks like you're really trying to sell it though. I like what you're doing but in general it would be a good idea in your samples to reference each main figure with multiple pieces of ref. Each pair of hands, each face, each hairstyle or energy effect should be referenced in some way to ground your understanding of the thing in reality. Then you can do whatever you want with it to make the image work.

1.1 your Watchtower has a semicircular structure along midsection-left which has little cutouts due to the ellipses, through which Earth is visible in tiny shards of shapes; said that to say this, don't do that. Big shapes, overlap decisively. Clean choices. You must boldly organize the information for story and beauty, confident atmospheric perspective is always sexy. Rafael Albuquerque does it brilliantly. Mignola.

I very much like 1.2, 1.3, 2.4, DPS.2, DPS.4, DPS.5. They're well constructed for the most part and are good drawings. But again, no double page spreads. Editors don't know if you're showing off or using it as a crutch. It feels like bullshit.

Check out and for a wealth of multi-photo figure ref, and and for 3D models (only sketchup for download), for short video ref. Take photos of yourself and buy action figures/little cars/little weapons/one-sixth scale stuff from ebay and thrift stores.

I think you can do better, because these are good and I think you have more in the tank. Thanks for posting these, it shows that you are committed to improving. You will. Takes time.

Oh and lighting in DPS.1 is great. More of that, good solid research shit. Great plasma punch and asteroid-ie impact corona. Good work man. Keep going.

Post more.

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