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Letterer for submission pitch

Hi friends

Seeking a letterer for 5-10 page comic pitch. Pages already pencilled, in process of being inked and colored but need that last step for submission to publishers. Comic currently being developed, 16 pages of 34 are already drawn, but right now looking for just a few pages for submission pitch. You can view several samples and characters on my Facebook page at under Chameleon Studio album. Donít have a deviant art or google account so Iíll just stick with Facebook for now.

Page rate will be $10 per page and will be paid via PayPal only. No western union or other forms of payment service since PayPal is quick and easy 🙂.

A bit about project, itís a superhero team book so it will involve many heroes and villains in the likes of x-men, wildcats and G.I. joe. I wonít get into details here on thread but if chosen I will explain everything in full detail. You will be a studio mate, not a letterer for hire 😉

Here is what will be required and payment details.

First, send samples of portfolio to I really donít need pages upon pages of work. Just a few of your best will be fine. If chosen I will send a sample script with pencilled page to your email and you will be asked to work on a couple panels (no more than two) of book to be pitched to see your balloon placements. To clarify it donít have to be a full page of dialogue and caption. Iím not looking for something for nothing.

When selected I will send a high resolution pages via email along with half of payment for pages. Letís be honest here. I wonít ask for completed work and you will be waiting on me to send payment. Nor will I send full payment and wait for you to send inked page. Fair is fair. So I will send half of payment for pages (2 at a time) with half payment and upon finished pages I will send final payment. In return I expect pages via email shortly after payment has been received. Pardon me if Iím being crass but I have been burned in the past so just want to make this as easy as possible for all parties involved 😉. EXPECTED TURNAROUND TIME IS 3 TO 5 DAYS AFTER FIRST PAYMENT.

When pages are complete I will continue working with you on pages but as of right now we are looking for pages to submit to publishers. If and when picked up we can renegotiate pages rates. Right now just looking to get a foot in the door. 😉

All in all I look forward to working with one of you and have fun as we work in the profession we love. Thanks ahead of time and have a good day.

Dakota Gadel
Chameleon Studios
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