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I use Ka-Blam. It's print on demand so you only need to print 1 copy of any book and your readers can order it directly. Here's what i wrote about them on another forum....

Indy Planet/Ka-Blam

Print on demand. Not much to say about them. You need to print at least 1 copy of your book to be listed in the store.
-Print on demand so it's dead simple for your customers.
- Quality. Buyers love the quality. Pretty impressive thing to hold in your hands.
- Seem family run and feel more like partners than a corporation. Friendly.
- The link to your Store/Brand is dead simple.

My experience and undetermined.
I accidentally made more money from physical sales of my book that digital. I gave copies to my peoples of the early issues and I only ordered enough to have for myself. A mailed stuff to my Patreon and that's about it. Oh, I did a calendar that a lot of people liked so those I gave out at the end of last year. One thing I noted is that people wanted bigger books (trades) and not the smaller little issues or 'floppies'. For me, I made a massive 302 page book that is all of my 'Season I', which is 10 episodes together, digitally remastered, ahem, with extra artwork. I brought one around to show people and I sold them all. So it still looks like having physical prints is still a big part of the hustle.

- Communication. They use a messenger interface, so there's no simple, direct email. And if you open multiple tickets, different reps will be dealing with your account. And they don't seem to share information.
- Time. I had the same issue with my W9 tax form, which to be fair, was the same issue comiXology claimed was delaying my account. So there must be something rather complicated behind setting up taxes for a new account or client. It takes 5 weeks for a title to be listed for Print-on-demand, which is usually a few days AFTER you get your book in the mail. Turn around time is rather fast.


You can use that link to see what a run would cost compared to the options you pick. If I was going to do a tradeshow or con, I might pick a different printer- that's cheaper, in terms of both quality and price per unit. Of course, the more you print, the lesser the price per book, but if I wanted a big number of books, I'd be inclined to shop around as some have said Ka-Blam is higher quality, but a bit more $.

A lot of the other print-on-demand places that I looked into, I see complaints about the color and quality. So it seems like you get what you pay for.

I look forward to getting my copy. Great work!
Heck yeah, I appreciate the support!
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