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I take it that if you expanded your script from 15 pages to 40 pages, more or less accidentally, you don't have much command of your skill and your pacing is probably not good at all. This thought is reinforced by the odd page numbers.

Ideally you should select the number of pages that you are aiming to write for and then write for that so that you can pace correctly. And you should realize that page 1 is different than page 2, because on page 2 we can see page 3, but with page 1 we see it alone. And likewise page 3 is different from page 2 and 1 because page 3 flows from page 2 unlike page 1 but page 1 and 3 have the incoming page turn where as page 2 does not.

This means that if you have the same scene but it is one page out sync your narrative feels different because you would have the same type of things happening on a page 3 as a page 2 nor a page 2 as a page 3.

As to what stays and what goes... Everything that doesn't need to be there goes and everything that is necessary stays. What defines that? The story, the narrative, and the page length. If you have someone winking and it is meant show some sort of depth to the character you might think that is incredibly important, but then again you might think it's important but not enough and you don't have room so it gets cut. That wink being there or not could give a whole different feel to the story. Your job is to decide which brings you closer to the feel you want within the allotted space. And if you want an well known example of this... "Han shot...?" You can go find full several page essays on how this one 1/2 second changes the whole being of Han Solo throughout the rest of the series. Your job is to decide. Did he shoot first? Second? Did the scene even happen? Each of these option changes the story and gives a different feel. So how do you decide... By thinking about whether something contributes to getting the reader to experience that feeling or message that you are try to provoke.
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