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Originally Posted by pandayboss View Post
Really good. I find it that working on story about Feudal Japan is really hard. But you know your history, so I'm impressed of your details and backgrounds. your sequential pages are really good. Thanks for sharing.
Hey Pandayboss, thanks for your kind words! It is not that difficult if you are interested in your subject matter. For example, I am interested in Japanese history and culture. That is why I want to be as accurate and authentic as I can get in a fictional pre-modern Japan setting. If I was doing a medieval dark ages story, I might not be as good with the details and backgrounds because I am not as interested to do the research and reading, haha.

Perhaps you are not interested in feudal Japan and that is why it is hard for you. For other subject matters that you have great interest in, perhaps science fiction or high fantasy, you will be better able to deliver kick ass work because you have more interest in those subject matters.

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.
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